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★★★★★ Double dog leash


Adogo Dual Dog Parade No-Tangle Double Dog Lead Leash Coupler for 2 Dogs

Absolutely brilliant!

We got two “angelic” JRs, and we prefer to take them somewhere where they can run about off the leash, however, occasionally it has to be just walks in the neighbourhood – and that’s when things generally start getting awkwards.

Either we both have to walk one each together, or one of us has to take turns on walking them.

This however is brilliant! Now both dogs can get walked at the same time, by one person.

There’s no tangles, enough lenght on the leash for the two of them to run about sniffing stuff, and generally being naughty, without pulling the other along. If needed to keep them close, it’s easy just to place one hand further down on the leash, and holding the two leashes together.

Strong sturdy leash, and handy for hanging the little “poopie-bag” holder on the handle without it being in the way.


Have now had this leash for a year – and it’s been well used… two crazy little devils angels pulling it in all directions, sometimes up to 4 times a day if there hasn’t been the opportunity to take them anywhere where they can run off the leash – and it’s still in one piece.

Looking like it needs a good wash, but to be honest, it actually looks nicer now when the colours aren’t so vibrant (when purchased it was only the red/yellow available)… but apart from that it’s as sturdy as the day we got it.


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