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★★★★★ Oversized Oulm watch

Looks great, feels great, and at a great price

OverSized Mens Dual Time Zone Military Army Sport Quartz Wrist Watches Black

Very nice. I wasn’t sure whether to order it or not, as I actually wanted the same watch but with a metal strap.

And I like it! Like it a lot.

It is HUGE. You see “oversized”, and read the size, but it was still a little bit of a shock to see how big it really is. Have added a picture (apologies for the quality of that one) of it next to one of my old watches. Yes, that’s this watch next to a mens watch. 🙂

It can be set to two different time zones on the two watch dials. Handy, if you like me, got family in other time zones and want to quickly see if it’s a suitable time to give them a ring.

The strap is perfectly fine, but if you got very big wrists you might need to get a different strap. I got fairly chunky wrists, and it does fit, but only just about.

It’s very comfortable on the wrist (surprisingly, as I thought it would take me some time to get used to a watch of this size).

All in all – if you’d like a watch that’s a little bit unusual and big, then for this price you cannot go wrong.




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