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★★★★★ Snap pliers set

Great value

Elifestore Snap Pliers 300 Set T5 Snap Plastic Buttons Poppers 20 colors Snap Pliers Press DIY Tool For Baby Bib

Missus is very happy with this item. 🙂

Everything needed for her to make popper buttons was included, even spare parts for the pilers. All the little plastic popper pieces comes in little bags, so might be handy to have one of those small multi compartment storage containers at hand (missus is using one with 18 compartments).

Easy to use, so I fear everything will now be covered in popper buttons.

Here’s instructions (and pics) for using the pilers to make buttons, courtesy of the missus:

1: To make one popper button you need:
Two caps (looks like pushpins)
One stud
One socket

2: Push the prongs (points) of the caps through the fabric

3: Add a stud on top of one of the prongs, and a socket on top of one

4: Place the cap in the pliers, so they rest on the cup die (plate on the bottom), make sure the prong with the stud/socket will place right in the middle of the stud and socket die (the one that is being pushed down).

5: Squeeze the pliers closed.

6: The prongs will now be smashed flat, to make sure the socket and stud is held in place.

7: Snap the two parts together…

8: And you now got a fully working popper button!



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