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★★★★ Paris wall sticker


1pcs Stickers Murals Black Eiffel Tower Birds City phrases Murali Wall Dcorazione Vinyl Removable DIY House Hotel Restaurant Living Room Bedroom Office

This is just as beautiful as pictured in the Amazon product description. And the only reason it’s not been given a 5 star is that the saying on the one that arrived is completely different to the one pictured there.

Plan was to add the actual saying (and just not use the “the love” part), as we quite liked the saying about illusions… however what came was a saying about a grave!

So, it got added to the wall without the saying.

It does have a little seethrough sticker edge all around, and yes, it does show in certain light, but overall it looks absolutely fab. Comes just as pictured. Missus cut out the pieces first, so she could try them against the wall, before removing them from the backing.

And clearly popular with the cats!!! Little madam in the picture had already taken off one feather before we managed to take a picture. No worries, they are reusable, and easy to put back on the wall.



The kitty in the pic was obsessed with this one.  Obsessed!  We kept sticking the birds and buildings back on the wall, which she clearly wasn’t impressed with – so she went into destruction mode.  Instead of finding parts just ripped off the wall, we started finding the pieces shredded on the floor.

Still, it’s cheap as chips, and none of the other pets bothered with it.  So don’t be put off even if you got cats.


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