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★★★★★ 3D printing pen

Excellent fun

3D Printing Pen, GooDee 3D Printer Pen Mini for 3D Drawing, Modeling, Arts, Crafts Printing with Free ABS supplies

Missus is over the moon with her new craft toy!

And I have to admit it’s nifty little thing. If you’ve ever used a glue-gun, then this little pen won’t be a problem. Great for older kids or anyone into crafts.

Seriously easy to use, although it does help if you got some artistic talent or imagination… missus took to it straight away… I managed to make what can only be classified as a “lump”. Hmmm.

Comes boxed (handy if you want to wrap it as a gift), and everything you need to get started straight away is there: The pen itself, 3 bundles of filament, UK charger, and a small booklet (in surprisingly good English – nowadays that seems to be rare).


Plug the pen in (charger inlet is on the back of the pen) – only takes 30 seconds to heat up.

Light will change from red to green when the pen is ready.

Put the filament in through the feeder (back of the pen again), and press the “feed” button. Missus found it best to put the speed on high for this.


And then it’s time to get crafty – draw, build, decorate. And there’s loads of templates available online (quick google), if you want to have a go at trying something similar to the Eiffel Tower.

The pen goes into standby mode if not used for 5 minutes. To get it going again it’s just to press the “feed” button.

To unload the filament (to change colour) – just press the unload button (make sure the pen’s not in standby mode. The unload button doesn’t work when the pen is in standby mode… it’s just to press the “feed” button first). Missus found the unloading works best as the slowest speed.

Attached is pics of the missus’ first three creations… first a drawing on paper (just on normal printer paper – and the drawing can be picked up afterwards), a ring to try out how to “glue” (using filament) items together, and then decorating her lipgloss.

Missus got plans to practice up the filaments that came with the pack before getting some more and give the “3d pen candle holder” (give it a google, and it will show pics and templates) a go… should keep her occupied for a while. 🙂

We got the pen as a sample to review, and we’re really impressed – really great fun, and so easy to use.



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