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★★★★★ Glow in the dark moon

Great glow in the dark moon

Glow In The Dark Moon Wall Sticker – Small

Now it doesn’t look like the moon in the product image – but it DOES look like a glow in the dark moon. 🙂

The moon is a little less glowing, and greener, than the product image in the dark (during the day it looks just like the daylight image of it in the product description – like a grey moon)… but it looks great!

It has to be positioned in a place where light actually hits it. We put the bedroom light on an hour or so before going to bed. It takes a few minutes for it to reach it’s full glow after the light is turned off. Initially we had it in a place where the ceiling light didn’t directly hit it, and was disappointed with the result – however, moving the moon so the light shone on it, was a quick and easy fix, and it was still just as adhesive after being moved.

We got it to accompany the glow star stickers and it’s like looking up at a starry night.



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