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★★★★★ Glow in the dark star stickers

Glow star stickers = 5 stars all the way

The Original Glowstars – Glow-in-the-Dark Stickers, 1000 Pieces

These stars are brilliant… for all ages. 🙂

We got this in our own bedroom (and yes, I’m pretty certain we can be classified as adults now, considering we’re even grandparents), and it’s like looking up on a starry night.

They’re stickers (these aren’t the thicker plastic stars), and when the light is on, or during the day, you wouldn’t even notice that they’re there on the white ceiling.

Some of the stickers are tiny (and I mean really tiny) though, and I think half of the smallest ones ended up either on the floor, or on our clothes as we were trying to stick them on.

They do look absolutely superb, and the different sizes gives it a nice depth.

We also got a glow in the dark moon sticker to accompany the stars.



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