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★★★★★ Large seascape wall sticker

Window to paradise

Looks great up!

I was really surprised on how good the quality of the print was. Considering the size I was expecting it to be slightly blurry/grainy, but instead it’s crisp and clear.

And it’s of great size – we put it up over the bathtub, and left the bathtub uncropped from the pics so you can get some sort of idea of the size… it’s basically window size. 🙂

Comes rolled up in a tube. Missus just rolled it the opposite way a couple of times, to uncurl it a little, before putting it up. There was some swearing putting it up (missus did it alone, while I cooked dinner), but turned out that was due to some imperfections on the wall, not the fault of the decal. Initially she had it a little lower, but thanks to wonky bits on the wall where a shelf used to be, she removed it, and placed it a little higher so the imperfections ended up behind the darker water, instead of the light sky.

Although the decal is fairly thin, it’s great quality vinyl, no rips, even though it was completely removed and repositioned.

Received as a sample to review, and we both love it. Quick and easy to put up (and to ever remove if wanted), beautiful image, and not only cheered up the bathroom – it’s also very relaxing to look at.



It’s now been on the wall (over the bathtub, that gets used every day!) for 8 months – and it looks as good as the day it was put up!


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