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★★★★★ Mens wallet

Great “little” wallet

Cool Mens Cow Leather Bifold Wallet Credit/ID Card Holder Slim Purse (Black)

Great for the price paid! Would have been great even if the price was a lot higher. 🙂

Still trying to get used to it though, as it’s a lot bigger than my last wallet. That said, it’s a perfectly fine size, just bigger than what I’m used to.

I specifically got it for the extra pocket on the outside – took out the extra card slot there straight away – it’s perfect for my little Aeku M5! I generally only use my little M5 for nights out, so the pocket there will normally just be kept empty.

6 card slots inside the wallet (plus the added ones that were on the outside), 2 deeper pockets behind the card slots, one drivers license/ID pocket, and two compartments for notes…

And – what I thought was just part of some design until the wallet arrived – 2 little slots for SIM cards or SD/memory cards.



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