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★★★★★ Tie hanger

Cheap, cheerful and brilliant

Premier Housewares 20 Hook Tie Organiser Hanger – White

These are really fab! I used to have the dowwards bar hangers for my ties, and they were a major hassle. Yes, they looked nice, but it was too much of a chore to try to squeeze in a tie after it had been used, so just they used to end up all over the place instead.

This however is great. Take one tie off, and it’s so easy to put it back after use. The ties just rest over the little arms. You can easy spin it around to look at all the ties.

Each one takes 20 ties. Only one issue, as you start to put the ties on, spread them out, otherwise the little hanger will tip towards one side… but if you space them out as you’re hanging them it’s no issue.

The item itself looks like something from the poundstore, two pieces of plastic you stick together (it comes “flat-packed”)… but it’s a brilliant solution for ties.



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