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★★★★★ U8 smartphone watch

Good fun with a Windows phone

Bluetooth Smart Watch Wrist Wrap Watch Phone for select Android Samsung, HTC and Nokia models

This watch is fun! For someone who’s never had a smart watch of any kind, this thing is a source of great entertainment.

I bought it out of curiosity more so than anything else, and figured that for less than a tenner, worst that would happened would be that I’d end up with a rubbish, rubber watch, and be a tenner out.

However – I am well impressed! Watch looked much smarter (hah!) than I expected, and it’s also smaller than I expected (added image of it next to one of my normal sized mens watches). Came in a little box, with an usb charger, and a small manual in English. The watch is very light, and I suspect the screen will be scratched quickly (being on the wrist).


The different options on the menu:
Anti Lost
Power Save
BT Notifier
BT Music
BT Camera
Sleep Monitor

Can be used just as a watch,without pairing with a phone… there’s still a few things that are quite nifty and can be used, like the stopwatch, barometer, altimeter (pretty certain this one is way off), pedometer, alarm (ring, vibrate, vibrate and ring), calendar (only shows the month), calculator and sleep monitor (the rest and drink options are basically just reminders).

There’s only 6 different ring tones, but can also be set to vibrate, or vibrate and ring.

There’s three different watch faces to pick from, none of them too exciting (one showing on image next to one of my watches,the two others below… sorry about the quality, the screen does look much nicer in real life! It’s black, not the blueish hue that shows on pictures), but they do the job.

I got a Windows Phone, so wasn’t expecting everything on it to work, but it’s surprisingly useful (and fun!).

Pairing it with my Nokia Lumia 830 was straightforward and easy. No need for any app, just pair it like you would any other device. My Lumia then asked if I wanted to let the watch have access to all contacts.

But even with all the contacts on the watch, it still wouldn’t actually let me click on the contacts on the watch. Each time it went from “Loading contact” to “failed”. Not the end of the world, as my call lists also loaded onto the watch, and I can easily call anyone from the call lists.

The sound is great when on a call through the watch. The sound was actually controlled from the phone (by adjusting the volume like normal).

When I get a text, Cortana will ask through the watch if I want her to read it or not. After she’s read the text, she then gives me the option to reply (via voice, which she will then turn into a text and send).

The BTMusic button (although I don’t have the BT app) recognises all my songs on my phone (which is a meagre music library indeed… only a few songs I use as ringtones on the phone).

A couple of issues… My big fingers are clearly not suited for such a tiny touch screen. Clicking was no problem, but scrolling wasn’t that great (as I kept clicking instead of scrolling)… until I realised that the middle button below the screen can be used for scrolling – success!

And the strap is a major cat hair magnet.

But I cannot blame either of those two issues on the watch – and for such a fun watch, at such an affordable price, it’s five stars all the way!


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