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★★★★★ Wireless mouse

It’s been a sanity saver

Black Optical Wireless Mouse 2.4G with USB Receiver & Scroll Wheel – MESE London

I absolutely love this mouse. Now I might be a little too over-excited due to the fact that I haven’t had a wireless mouse in years… 🙂

It comes just bubble wrapped in an Amazon package, so I was a little disappointed not getting a box to open (but then again, no extra packaging keeps the price down)… but all of that was gone the second I plugged the little USB receiver in – it worked straight away on my Win 10 laptop. Instantly! (Yes, I know… but it’s been years since I’ve had a wireless mouse, and it needed a CD, and half of the time the mouse wouldn’t even work).

I’ve been struggling with my new laptop (I had no need for a mouse on my old laptop, the touch pad there was brilliant, so haven’t had a mouse for years, since I had a PC), as the touch pad keeps having a life of it’s own. I’ve reduced the sensitivity on it, and turned Cortana off, yet I still kept constantly increasing the zoom level by accident, or get search popping up in the left hand corner…

This little mouse has been a sanity-saver for me. 🙂 No more frustration – finally I’m back in control.

Now I’m no gamer, so wouldn’t be able to judge it from that side… but it worked straight away, it’s quick and responsive – and it works on just about any surface. I’ve tried it on my jeans, the sofa, the carpet and tables – and it’s worked on everything. I’m amazed, as last one I had wouldn’t even work on a mouse mat half of the time.

The USB receiver is tiny, so should fit in a USB port even if there’s something bulky plugged in next to it. It fit perfectly next to the booster I have, where I normally have problems with USB drives fitting due to the bulky size of the booster.

I got this mouse as a sample to review – and I just wanted to say “thank you”. It’s brilliant. Only thing I’m a little cheesed off about is that I had actually ordered a mouse the night before, which should arrive at some point in April. Hahaha.



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