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★★★★ Aeku M5 card phone

Great phone for night out

Aeku M5, 1.0 Inch 4.5mm Ultra Thin Fashionable Mini Mobile Positioning Card Phone, Micro SIM

I have to admit it – this phone is fun!

It’s exactly the size of a credit card, but it’s the thickness of about 5 credit cards (so it might be a stretch trying to shove it into a card slot in the wallet).

Got it for nights out. No need to worry about losing my expensive phone (incase I have a bevvy too many), and this one is so small and light, unlike my usual phone. I only put in the contacts I might need for a night out (missus and taxi), so no worries about drunk-texing either. 🙂

The ring is quite loud, although the ringtones leaves a lot to be desired. Also got the option to either set it to vibrate, or vibrate and ring.

For what it is, and for what it cost – it would have been 5 stars all the way. Love this little phone. However, the screen is a little crocked, not enough to complain, but just enough to irk me a little bit… so one star deducted for the crocked screen (chances are most are straight, I might just have been a little unlucky).

It comes in a small cardboard box (phone and usb lead for charging), so suitable as a present, and easy to wrap.



Just press “M” and then “*” shortly afterwards to lock/unlock


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