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★★★★ Ghong V12 phone

Decent phone for a decent price

ChangHong MTK6589T Quad Core 5.0” HD IPS GHONG V12 Android4.2.2 1GB RAM+8GB ROM 8MP+5MP GPS/AGPS Phone With SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES

My missus has this phone.

And it’s a very decent phone, for a decent price. 🙂

Missus had three things in mind when she bought her phone. She wanted touch-screen, a decent camera, and for the phone to be pretty! 😀

As she didn’t want to pay a fortune, I suggested a Lumia 550 (I got the 830, and love it), but apperantly it wasn’t “pretty enough”.

And yes – the phone is pretty. It’s got little pieces of bling on the bottom.


And it’s got touch screen. Nice clear and large screen. It operates on an older version of Android, might be possible to upgrade it from settings, but this isn’t anything the missus has tried, as she’s very happy with the version of Android that the phone came with.

The camera is pretty good! For what the phone cost – I’m well impressed with the quality of pictures it takes. My phone does take slightly better pictures inside, but then again, mine cost over 10 times what this one cost. The image of the box (with the dolphin) the phone came in, was taken with the Ghong V12.


The sound is also very good, and missus often use it as an MP3 player (she’s loves how easy it was to set up play lists).

This is the first touch screen phone the missus has, and the first Android phone either of us has any experience with (before my Windows Phone I had a BlackBerry). Her fave part with the Android operating system is that with one click she’s in contacts, and from there she just swipes right to make a call, or swipe left to send a message.

It is everything the missus wanted. 2G is all she needs (3G only works in China, but as she’s not interested in making video calls, it’s not really an issue for her). She’s even turned off the wifi and bluetooth, and hasn’t downloaded a single app. Everything she wanted it to do, it does (take pictures, have a touch screen, makes calls and sends texts… and on top of that it’s a pretty phone).

My Lumia is more “fluid” though, when I scroll it’s like liquid. This one is more like… eh… scrolling, I guess. 🙂 It’s quick, don’t get me wrong, but there’s def a slight difference to how the Lumia scrolls.



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