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★★★★ HD90 body cam

Great little body cam

Conbrov® HD90 HD Mini DV Camcorder Hidden Camera Portable Body Cam Video Recorder with LCD Time Lapse Password Protection Built-in 1600mAh Battery for Max 8 Hours Recording Per Charge

Not to be confused with an action camera… this isn’t meant for white water rafting or bungee jumping. 🙂

It’s body cam, the sort of thing you’ll sometimes spot the local bobby with. And it’s a fab little body cam.


Lightweight and small with several options of how to clip it on (there’s a clip on the back that can either be used sideways (like a tie clip), both right and left, downwards and everything in between, to clip in on the top of any clothing (or a belt). There’s also a changeable cover for the front, so you can stick it securely in a pocket, with just the recording part showing. There’s a pic of me holding the cam in the video. Now I do have fairly big hands, but it will give you some idea of how tiny it is.

What really appealed to me was the ease of use! It’s basically a one-click camera to get it recording. The on button is on the top, and as soon as it’s on, it’s just to press the on button (or alternatively the “OK” button) and it’s recording. Yup – it’s that easy to use. 🙂  A full manual is available online.

Click it again, and you’ve stopped recording.

To take a picture, it’s just to click the M button, and then on/ok. Press M again and it’s in playback, M once more and it’s back to recording mode.

To get to the menu it’s a little more fiddly, you have to make sure it’s not currently recording, and then hold the OK button for a couple of seconds for it to pop up.

The menu itself is straight forward, and there you’ll find:

System Setup

Time Setup

Video Setup

Picture Setup

Play Back

There’s a few options under the menus, but they’re all self explanatory, neither me nor the missus had any problems at all. Manual is included in the box, and is also available from Conbrov’s website in PDF format.

The buttons on the cam is small, and my huge fingers are clearly not the best suited for it (missus has no problems). To me personally it would have been better if there was a little space between them, less chance of clicking the wrong one. 🙂 That said, chances are you won’t be using the small buttons often anyway, with the one-click recording (and stop recording) on the top, there’s not much need for using the small buttons as soon as you’ve set it to the options you want.

The camera will record in “clips”, and you can chose from various options from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. This makes a particular time so easy to access, as each clip is saved with a time stamp on the memory card, so if you got some indication of what time it is you want to access, you can easily chose which video to view.

Although it saves in clips, it record continuously. As long as you don’t stop it recording, it’ll keep on filming! You can also set it on “Recycle Record”, so when the memory card is full you it’s automatically start recording over the old ones.

It saves in AVI format, so no hassle getting the videos to work or having to change the format – great for those who’s not video-wizards, as Windows Player will play them straight away.

When the cam is recording the red light on the front will slowly flash, so no mistaking it being on or not. The screen on the back will turn off (you can change the time), after a little while, but the camera will continue to record.

I only used a 16GB SD card in the outside slot (it can take up to 32GB). There is also the option of adding an extra SD card on the inside (underneath the battery), if you want to password protect the camera. This extra security isn’t anything I would ever use, so haven’t really looked too much into it. It’s all explained in the manual, and seems fairly straightforward for those that want/need that option.

There is also the option of time lapse video, where you set the time on how often you want it to take pictures. And I have to admit – the time lapse option is just about the coolest thing ever.

I do feel that the sound could be a little better. It does record ok if there’s no interference, but if there’s any kind of interference it will affect the sound quality, and I feel it’s a little low. It also has the option of turning the sound recording off, and only record video.

I love it! It’s small, fun and so easy to use. But I do fear I will have to fight the missus over it. She’s discovered the time lapse option on it (see icing rose video), and being really into arts and crafts she’s already got tons of ideas where she wants to use it. And she loves that the sound can be turned off when recording. 🙂

I was able to purchase this camera with a discount, with the promise of an honest review. And I am very pleased indeed with this little body cam.

Video is a little mix and match from what is in the box, to what the time lapse option looks like. All images/videos with a time stamp were taken with the HD90


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