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★★★★ One cup coffee machine

Small machine, great coffee

Quest Benross One Cup Filter Coffee Maker with Travel Mug and Lid, 700 Watt

Great for just making the one cup of coffee. 🙂 Any cup or mug will do, just fill your cup with a tiny bit more water than you want (as a little gets absorbed by the coffee), pour the water into the tank, add coffee to the filter, and turn the machine on. Lovely coffee in a few minutes!

The on button is the left hand side, so you need access on that side to press the button. Also take into account that the lid on top needs to be lifted, and also to leave room for the pouring of the water.

The machine is tiny! Pic shows it next two a two-pint of milk (I don’t have the patience to wait until all the coffee has trickled out on the end of a brew, hence the little bowl to collect the last few drops of coffee).

The travel mug is fab, and will keep the coffee warm for ages.

The downside it that it feels really cheap. More like a toy than a coffee maker. The on-button is the flimsiest little thing ever… that said – it makes excellent coffee, and is fairly quick. Getting the coffee right is of course trial and error, I suggest starting with three teaspoons to the travel mug, so see how you need to adjust it from there (my ideal coffee worked out as 3 and a half teaspoons to the travel mug… or three topped teaspoons to the mug I generally use for it).



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