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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Oversized watch

Good looking watch for a small price

Sanwood Men Big Dial Faux Leather Wrist Watch

It’s actually making me feel a little mean only giving four stars, as it’s a pretty awesome looking watch, for such a tiny price. 🙂

The product image it true to the watch – it does look fab The three small “dials” are just for decoration (wasn’t expecting anything else), and so’s two of the buttons on the side (again, as expected).

Love the 3D depth of it – it really does look great. But… it’s a little light compared to other over-sized watches I got, and the silver is just that tiny bit too shiny.

Personally I don’t like the strap, it looks more like velvet than anything else, but that’s easy enough to replace.

If you like over-sized (and it is big. Added a pic of it next to one of my normal sized watches) watches, and want something you won’t be too worried about breaking (considering the price), then it’s ideal.



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