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★★★ Bulb wire cage

Love it or hate it

TOOGOO(R) Iron Wire Bulb Cage, Clamp On, Old Look, Vintage Lighting, Steampunk

This bulb cage is apparently the marmite of lighting accessories – I absolutely loathe it, the missus completely loves it.

It’s horrible. I don’t like using the word “rubbish”, but it kind of is. Came in a jiffy bag, so had a few knocks along the way. The screw was missing. I was so not impressed, no matter how cheap it was. To add to the disappointment, it’s too big to be fastened around the socket…

But the missus loves it! She loves this cheap and naff (and slightly dented) wire cage that hangs loosely on what is currently an ugly light bulb (ordered one of those funky Edison ones, still to arrive… whether the horrendous bulb cage will fit on that one remains to be seen. I hope it doesn’t, and maybe she’ll get rid of the bulb cage)…

Missus got plans of “ageing” the wire (I don’t really know how she does it, but involves a heap of different paints, sponges and paper towels – she’s done this with a few things, and the results are great), and she can’t wait to see what it’ll look like with an Edison bulb.

She even dared to suggest we should get a few more of them. No. No. No. (Guess who’s probably gonna end up ordering more?)

Missus says 5 stars for “style and price”, I say 1 star for… well – everything… which makes it 3 stars as an average between us.



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