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★★★★★ Crenova diffuser


Essential Oil Diffuser, Crenova 150ml Aromatherapy Humidifier Aroma Diffuser, Ultrasonic Cool Mist, Timer, 8 Color Led Changing Light, Fragrance Air Purifier for Home / Office / Yoga / Sparoom

As the title implies – simply cannot fault it. 🙂


The video doesn’t do it justice at all – the transition between the colours is completely smooth and fluid, something the video wasn’t able to capture.

I had no idea I wanted this thing (it’s been the missus that’s been going on about wanting one) – until I plugged it in. And it was basically love at first sight. 🙂

So easy to use! There’s only two buttons, plus something I think everything that has something that needs to be screwed into place should have – two dots for aligning the top to the base. Brilliant.

You can have just the light working, just the diffuser working, or both at the same time.

The “light” button will start the light show, where the colours will beautifully change by themselves. Click it once more, and you will get a solid colour. One more click and you will get a dimmed version of that colour. Next click takes you onto the next colour, and so on.

The “on/off” button is for the diffuser. Press it for a few seconds and it will turn the diffuser on for 30 minutes. Click it again, and it goes to 60 minutes, etc. A green light comes on underneath the time you’ve set it to.

There’s also marks for minimum and maximum water to put in the reservoir, so no chances of messing up there either. We used it with a few drops of “Fresh Linen” oil – so much nicer than air fresheners. Got the diffuser in the bedroom, and it makes the whole room smell lovely and fresh.

The “mist” is very light, but you can see it, and even feel it.

The unit itself has a simplistic beauty to it. Like something from a sci-fi film where the future is light and clean.

In the box there’s:
The diffuser/light
UK plug (yes – proper plug, excellent if you like me, are running out of USB plug adapters, and want to use it somewhere where you don’t normally have a laptop/PC)
Instruction booklet
Water jug

Got this as a sample to review… and absolutely love it. 🙂 Wasn’t even certain if I’d like it (but it would keep the missus quiet for a while)… and I now want one in all rooms. It’s brilliant.


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