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★★★★★ Handheld luggage scale

Brilliant little problem solver

Luggage Scale, RAGU Digital Handy Postal LCD Luggage Scale with 90CM Built-in Tape, Tare Function, Max 110lb/50kg for Suitcase Weighting

This little gadget has sorted my parcel problem. 🙂

I often send parcels to the US. Now they’re normally not giant, but too big to weigh and at the same time see the weight on the kitchen scales. And they’re too light to get an accurate reading on the bathroom scales…

And now the issue is solved! Thanks to this little gadget I can now just put a thin string on the parcels, hang them on the scales, and find out how much they weigh. Anyone who’s ever used the post office for sending parcels to the US via airmail, will know that there’s a massive jump in the price from under 2 kg, to over 2 kg.

Really easy to use – there’s only three buttons. One’s to turn it on. One’s to change the weight measure (unit button), and one’s a tare button (for resetting to zero when there’s something already on it). Also has an inbuilt tape measure. As a bonus it can even measure the temperature (just hold the unit button for a few seconds)!

The attachment is very strong, haven’t tried it up to 50 kg, but gave it a pull to 45 kg, and not even a creak to be heard.

Takes 2 AAA batteries.

I got this superb little problem solver as a sample for review, and I am very pleased as there’s no more trying to peek underneath parcels on the kitchen scales (or balancing it on top of something small on the scales, trying to see how much it weighs), or chancing it on the bathroom scales, only to have to bring it back from the post office to separate into two parcels.



And it’s been used a few times for luggage too, since it arrived.  Excellent to make sure you’re not over the limit for the airport.


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