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★★★★★ Oversized Oulm watch

Completely over-the-top, and totally awesome

QBD Men’s Large Watch. Dual Time Zones, Compass, Thermometer – Big 5cm Multi-Function Dial – Long 16-22cm Black Genuine Leather Strap (Square Black)

Oh yes, this enormous beast even beats my other Oulm watches. 🙂

It is HUGE. It is heavy. It is totally ridiculous – and I completely love it.

I’m not certain if it reminds me of something from an old black and white sci-fi film, or something from an old fighterjet, but whatever it is – it’s working.

Neither compass nor the thermometer is working correctly on mine, but I really don’t care. Both watches work perfectly (and now set to the correct time, both for me, and the grandkids in a different time zones). The hands on the watches faces are also glow-in-the-dark.

The strap looks good, with neat stitching and nice texture. Got the same strap on one of my other Oulm watches – and so far no issues.

Have added a picture of it next to one of my normal sized watches (yes, that’s a perfectly normal mens watch next to it!), so you can see the size.



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