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★★★★★ Revolver screwdriver

Excellent bit of kit

VonHaus 3.6V Li-Ion Multi Use Electric Revolver Screwdriver with 6 Bit Integrated Storage | Includes Accessory Set, LED Guide Light & Holster Belt | FREE 2 Year Warranty

I got more tools than I dare to admit even to myself, but I’ve never had a revolver driver before.

And it’s excellent. It’s of good enough size to do the jobs at hand, but also small enough to keep in a drawer in the house, so no need to rummage around in the sheds.


Good weight so it feels like I’m actually using a decent tool, yet light enough for even the missus to use (and she’s warned me – it will be used, as this is one she can always charge with no problem).

I’m well impressed with the USB charger. Being someone with a numerous amount of cordless drills (and a few corded ones), the hassle of getting the correct charger and battery for each one gets old after a while.


Comes preloaded with 6 bits in the barrel, but also with a set of spares. If you’re anything like me, you probably got a few hundred scattered about already… and can never find the one you actually need. 🙂 Here at least there will always be 6 available in the barrel, and there’s room for the other bits in the holster (nice touch!).

And I’m old enough to admit – it’s very cool. Yes, I did “play” with it. Yes, I stuck the holster on my belt, and “drew the gun”. Yes, it made me feel a little like Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western, and a little bit like a plonker at the same time. But a man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do… 🙂

Came already charged, and although I haven’t screwed anything with it yet (missus has, she constructed some sort of camera “tripod” in wood. She said it was “great”), just been air testing it, it feels like it’s got enough juice and power to deal with most things.

Was able to purchase with a discount, with the promise of an honest review. And I cannot fault it. It’s a great tool, handy size, easy to charge, easy to use… and as an added bonus, it’s very cool. 🙂



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