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★★★★★ Slimline powerbank

Slimline and stylish

6600 mAh Power Bank, Puridea S4 Series Dual USB Portable Charger External Battery Backup Pack for Apple iPhone 4 5 6 Plus Samsung HTC Nokia LG Sony Blackberry, New Version Gray

I actually thought they’d sent me the wrong colour – it was a picture of a pink on on the box. 🙂 But it was just surprisingly nice packaging, the grey power bank could be viewed on the side, and the front cover flipped open to show off the real power bank.

It looks like an expensive designer one. 🙂 Clearly they’ve put a lot of thought into the design, not just the function on this one. It’s sleek, slimline, and would appealing to most (I love it, and so does the missus, although she was hoping they had actually sent the wrong colour – so she could get it in pink!).

There’s two USB outlets, and underneath is an indicator to how much juice is left. Again – it’s all quite beautifully thought out.

Everything you need comes in the box:
The power bank
USB lead for charging
Instruction booklet (also instructions on the packaging)

I got it as a sample to review, and I’m well impressed with the design of this one. There’s so many power banks out there, but with this one’s simple, yet really stylish design you cannot really go wrong. And as power banks is something almost everyone use, it would make a great gift with the nice packaging (it really does look expensive!).



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