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★★★★★ U8 smartphone watch

Good fun with an Android phone

JideTech Bluetooth Smart Watch WristWatch U8 UWatch for Android Samsung S2/S3/S4/Note 2/Note 3 HTC Sony (White)

This watch is fun and cheap as chips (maybe not literally, but the price of the watch wouldn’t even get me two fish suppers at the local chippy, so not far off)!

I’ve actually had the same watch in black for a few weeks (there’s a few tiny differences in the menu set ups, but they’re both U8s, and work the same way), and this time it’s a white one for the missus, to match her phone.


Sadly for me, I can’t just copy and paste my review of the black U8 I got, as I reviewed that one based on how it worked with my own phone (a Windows phone. If interested in how it works with that I’ll do a little summary of it on the bottom). This time however it will be reviewed based on how it works with the missus’ phone, a Ghong V12, which operates on Android 4.2.2

Missus was prepared, and as soon as it was ordered downloaded the app SMARTPHONE (yes, it’s called that, found on Google Play, name in all capital letters), as we’d read it would work best. Her first and only app. 🙂 For all we know, it might be the one the QR code leads to in the manual, we never tried.


If you’re expecting to get an Applewatch or Pebble or whatever those expensive smart watches are called, for such a tiny price – then you’re in for disappointment. If you are however expecting a cheap and fun watch, one you’ll have great fun exploring if you’re a first time smart watch wearer – then you’re in for a treat. 🙂

The watch itself isn’t the greatest quality in the world, but for the price it’s more than decent, and it does look quite smart (hah!). Came boxed, with a little manual in English, and a USB charger. The watch is very light, and with my own I expected the screen to be scratched quickly (being exposed on the wrist), but so far so good. The strap was loose on this one, and popped out of the sockets the bar is fastened on. Missus just pushed the bar back into place, and have tested it by giving it a few tugs – and strap is staying put.

The different options on the menu:
Anti Lost
Power Save
User Profile
Sleep Monitor
BT Music
BT Camera

Can be used just as a watch,without pairing with a phone… there’s still a few things that are quite nifty and can be used, like the stopwatch, pedometer, alarm (ring, vibrate, vibrate and ring), calendar (only shows the month), calculator and sleep monitor.

There’s only 5 different ring tones, but can also be set to vibrate, or vibrate and ring.

There’s three different watch faces to pick from, none of them too exciting, but they do the job.

The SMARTWATCH app was new territory both for me and the missus, but it turned out to be easy to use. Missus turned the bluetooth on, on both the watch and her phone, and paired the phone with the watch through the app.

There is the option of “app push” on the SMARTWATCH app, but as the missus neither has Facebook nor WhatsApp, this is not an option we explored, so won’t be able to comment on how the watch deals with WA or FB notifications.

When she first accessed the Phonebook on the watch, the watch asked if she wanted to connect. After a yes to that – all her phone contacts were accessible on the watch, and so was all her call lists, and text messages. Through the phonebook she can call anyone in her contacts.

Thanks to what we learnt with my watch, she then had me call her – and as the watch was ringing, she then picked up her phone and adjusted the sound. The sound (apart from ringtone volumes, etc) is actually adjusted through the phone (via bluetooth).

Next she had me text her, and the watch did as expected – notified her of a text, and allowed her to read it (it was pretty neat).

The watch does not give her the option to reply (it does give the option from the text to call the person who sent it). There might be a way around this, if your phone has some sort of speech recognition (don’t know if newer versions of Android has this, or if it’s possible to download an app for it), but it’s not anything the missus is interested in.

She also tried the remote picture taking – quite impressed by this! When her phone is on (not gone to sleep), she can access the camera on the phone and take a pic. Held up the watch and the phone next to each other, and you can see exactly what the camera on the phone sees on the watch!

She can also access her music which is on the phone, but we weren’t able to skip songs.

Wasn’t a problem for the missus, but for me, with my big fingers I found scrolling an issue (I kept clicking instead of scrolling), but found that the middle button below the screen can be used for scrolling when in on the menus.

Missus got it to use for call/text notifications – and she’s loves it. Not only does it do exactly what she wanted it to do, it also does quite a few things extra. 🙂 And with her having her own, she can finally stop drooling over my watch. Hahahaha.

* * *

If you’re interested in how it works with a Windows phone:

As mentioned, I got the same watch. It was easy to pair with my Lumia 830 (just through the normal bluetooth settings).

The watch loaded all my contacts, but I can’t call from the Phonebook, I need to go through the call lists to do so.

As I don’t have any app for it, a few features cannot be used, but what I found really great, as I got Cortana on my phone – I can actually reply to texts through the watch. 🙂 When I get a text, Cortana will ask (through the watch) if I want her to read it. After she’s read it, she will then ask if I want to reply. And I can then tell her (still through the watch) what I want typed and sent. 🙂 Quite nifty if driving. 🙂 However, not so nifty if in a meeting or similar, as Cortana will loudly tell me I got a text.

You can read my full review of the same watch paired with a Windows phone here.

* * *

I was able to purchase this with a discount, with the promise of a honest review. And yes – I gave my own watch, which I didn’t have any discount for, 5 stars too. 🙂 For what it is, such a fun watch, at such a small price – it’s five stars all the way.


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