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★★★★ Bluetooth speaker with light

Surprisingly good sound

Bluetooth Speakers, Eachine Vivid Jar Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Lights, FM Radio, For Cellphones Tablets Computers Laptops, Black

I am well impressed with both the sound quality and all the various different options in ways it can be used, considering it’s tiny size!

And it really is small. 🙂 Which means it can be just about placed anywhere, and if you got it charged – then you won’t even need to plug it in anywhere to get your music with you where-ever.


It was a little perplexed by all the numerous buttons on the base – it looked seriously complicated. 🙂 However, it turned out to be much easier to use than what it looked like.

Have been using it for a few days, and in the end we’ve decided it’s “home” is the bathroom – perfect for playing some relaxing music whilst having a bath. And we’ve stuck some music on an SD card, and it works perfectly from the SD card slot in the speaker. Each time it gets turned on, it will remember what it was used for, and automatically start playing from the SD card (even better – automatic loop).

The wire it comes with also has AUX, so you can connect it anything that has AUX inlet.

Bluetooth was easy to connect with on my Lumia, although didn’t try it as a loudspeaker for phonecalls, just tested with music – and it worked a treat.

The radio was surprisingly good! I really wasn’t expecting it to pick up much, but got a few national channels completely clear, and so was the local one.

To me – the sound is great. I still can’t believe something this tiny, can pack such a good sound. Might not be the best to those who’s really into their music, but to my untrained ears it’s just as good as my much larger (and much, much more expensive!) bluetooth speaker.

The disappointment to me was the light. It’s really not doing much for me. Kind of like having had a superb meal, and then get presented with a perfectly ok, but seriously bland dessert. Hmm. The light is basically just in the speaker, just casting the tiniest light outside it, more like “cute little light”, than “impressive light performance”.

I was able to purchase this with a discount for an honest review… and I really think it’s an ace little speaker! Handy to move about, loving the SD card option, and it’s got a great sound. As a speaker for the the size it is, it’s five stars all the way… but the “impressive light performance” lets it down.


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