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★★★★ E-cig starter pack

Great for starting out

IMECIG® T2 Upgrade 2 Pack 1100mah Ego CE4 E Cig Starter Kit With Power Remaining Indicator | Ego Rechargeable Battery | CE4 Atomizer Liquid Refillable | E Cigarette Vaporiser Case Set Without E Liquid | Outing Partner | No Nicotine | Black & White

You get everything you need, apart from your chosen e-liquid, to start vaping straight away:

2 electronic “cigarettes” (mine were fully charged on arrival)
Instruction booklet

The come in a fairly fancy box (now used for a small camera… no need for the box any more for vaping equipment, as that’s in use), which was a nice touch.

The e-cigarettes are put together by two parts – the battery and the atomiser. The battery has an indicator light, so you know when it’s time to charge it.

The atomiser is the clear tank you fill with vaping liquid, and it also has a detachable mouth piece (you remove the mouthpiece to fill the atomiser with e-liquid).

It’s really easy to use – and the instruction booklet explains it all in just a few steps (with illustrations), and you’ll get the hang of it in seconds.


It does give the feeling of smoking, and blowing out the vapour is just like blowing out smoke. However, you might have to try many different e-liquids before you find one that “spot on”. We’re currently trying out second menthol one, and although the first one had much nicer menthol flavour, it was too different to what we normally smoke to be satisfying. Second one has less pleasant menthol, but feels more like “the real deal”.

I’m not 100% ready to stop smoking quite yet, but it has made me cut down a smidgeon. 🙂 When me and the missus watch films in the bedroom, we no longer smoke – we vape instead. 🙂 And it’s nice not to have any smell of smoke in the bedroom.

Missus (she got the white vaping stick, I got the black one) is a little better at it than me. She never enjoyed (yet, still did it) smoking when in the car or walking the dogs… so that’s two other times she’s now a full on vaper.

Have now used it for about a week, and one of the atomisers has already leaked into the battery part on one of the sticks. No big deal, a good wipe of the battery, and changed the atomiser (already stocked up on cheap as chips ones of those – they might have been cheap – but they fit perfectly and did the job brilliantly), and it’s back in full swing (on the pictures the faulty atomiser had already been replaced).

Was able to purchase this with a discount for an honest review. And I’m very happy with the set – perfect for those wanting to try vaping out. It would have been 5 stars if not for the leaky atomiser.


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