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★★★★ Screen protector for U8 watch

Easy to apply screen protector

YoLuke 9H 0.2MM Universal Tempered Glass Flim Screen Protector For U10 U8 Smart Watch (For U10 U8)

So easy to apply, and works a treat. 🙂

Neither me nor the missus has ever used a screen protector before, so we weren’t sure what to expect. I’m sure most have already used one for their mobiles, or similar, but incase there’s any other “screen protector virgins” out there, this is how this one worked, and what arrived:

Came in a little box. There’s a wet wipe, a dry wipe and the tempered glass protector.

The screen protector has a little sticker, and is marked with “back”. Gave the watch a wipe first with the wet wipe, then the dry, and left it for about 10 seconds to make sure any streaks were dry.

Peeled off the little sticker on the screen protector, which pulls off a thin layer of plastic, and underneath is the sticky part that attaches the protector to the glass.

All in all it took less than a minute! Really easy to do, and came out great. The screen protector is a tiny bit smaller than the black screen on the watch. Now, haven’t been whacking the watch onto something to test it, but have been giving it a few hard raps with a fingernail, and it seem great. The U8 watches aren’t the best quality in the world, and I always feared the glass there would be easy scratched, so this is a nice little peace of mind.

Was able to purchase with a discount of an honest review. Am well pleased with the protector. Not well pleased I got it for me (both me an the missus got a U8) – and somehow the missus ended up with it on her watch (with the argument that she uses her watch every day, and I swap my watches around).



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