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★★ Artificial limes

Enormous “limes”

4 Large Best Artificial Limes Decorative Fruit

Seriously stuggling with what star rating to give here… 🙂

On one hand – these are actually really well made artificial fruit! There’s no plastic seems from a mould. They’re light, yet of decent weight for fake fruit. The texture is excellent. They arrived safe and sound, without a single bash in shipping,

And then… they are GIANT! Like something that belongs in Brobdingnag – they are way too big to look anything like normal limes.

The colour is ok. It could be a little more natural, but it’s perfectly fine.

So I’m struggling… based only on the size they would be 1 star. Based on the quality compared to price they would be a 4 star. I guess it would be 2 and a half, but there’s no way I can round it up to three due to the ridiculous size.

Well – if anyone ever needs huge artificial limes – then these are perfect. 🙂

I even went out and bought a real lime (and no, it’s not tiny – I picked the biggest I could find at the supermarket) to show the difference in size…



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