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★★★★★ Crenova alarm clock with light

Simply superb

Bedside Lamp, Crenova L5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable Led Night Light, Table Bedside Lamp, Alarm Clock, TF Card Music Speaker, Hands Free Speakerphone, Intelligent Voice Reminder and Superior Rechargeable Battery Life

Wow! This little light/alarm/speaker really has the wow factor.

I truly cannot fault this little item, not only does it looks stylish and beautiful, it’s all around fab.


As a light:
You can put the light to just about any setting you want, from barely visible (great as a non intrusive nightlight), to bright enough to read a book in.
No fancy or complicated way to adjust it, just touch the top and the light comes on, touch it again, and it get a little brighter, etc.
After the brightest setting, you can then touch it again and a lightshow will start. The video shows how it works (as the lightshow comes on with the alarm), but it looks so much nicer in real life. Sadly the video wasn’t able to pick up the beautiful transition between the colours, in real life it’s completely fluid.
To turn off the light, just touch the top and hold for a couple of seconds.

As a bluetooth music player:
You can connect it via bluetooth, and the speaker is nice and powerful for something this little.
Shows up as “Crenova L5” and was straightforward and easy to pair.

As a standalone music player:
It also has a SD slot – so you can just pop in a SD card, and it will play. You’ll have to press and hold the “play” button underneath to change from BT setting to SD card.

As an alarm:
Not only has a clock, it’s also an alarm clock, and you can either use the preset alarm sound (on video), or, if you got an SD card in it, it’ll play the last song you were listening to on the SD card.
When the alarm starts, the lightshow will start, and the alarm (whether the preset one, or your chosen music from the SD card) will start very gently, and increase the sound as it continues.

It also has a “sleep” function, so you can choose for it to turn off after a set amount of time, if you don’t want music/light on all night.

Absolutely love it – all of it! It gets used every day. Just the right light to hop into bed, instead of putting on the main light (and handy with the touch to turn it off), and if we suspect it’s gonna be difficult falling asleep, an hour long “self hypnosis for falling asleep” recording gets put on through it via bluetooth (making sure it’s not set on repeat, or continue). The alarm’s been set to the SD card option, so we now wake to a pan flute version of “Morning has broken”. 🙂

Received as a sample to review… and I really cannot fault it! I did have some issues with the SD card slot with it… but cannot blame that on this little item, I was using some generic TF card that once upon a time came with a phone. No problems at all now when using a branded SD card. It’s my second Crenova item, and both of them are fantastic. I’m extremely impressed.


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