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★★★★★ Dog cage

Easy to assemble, lightweight and sturdy

OxGord Dog Crate Wire Metal Cage Pet Cat Kennel W/ 2-Doors FREE Divider W/ ABS Plastic Removable Tray (Black) Fold & Cary w/ Handle

What a brill cage!

It’s been a few years since I had a cage in the car for the dogs (had a huge car, had huge cage. Got rid of it when got rid of the car), and it’s really been missed, as the little canine devi… angels – will shoot out of the car as soon as a door is opened. Once more that’s not an issue thanks to this one. 🙂 Open cage door, stick hand in, fasten lead, and then remove hand for doggie to bounce out of the cage.

Comes with a carry handle, so when it;s folded down, is so easy to move about. It’s also realyl lightweight, missus (the first one to admit she’s got the strenght of a small child) had no issues carrying it by herself.

To assemble it’s just about as easy as things can get. Lay it down on the floor, with cage bit on top, make sure you got some room around it, as you’ll have to flip open the main cage part. Flip it, then lift it (you can see on the third pic, the sides aren’t lifted up yet). Then just lift and push the sides into place! That’s it! Just make sure everything is snapped into place where it’s supposed to be. 🙂 As soon as that’s done – the cage is surprisingly sturdy for something this lightweight.


To open and lock the doors, just lift the handle all the way up to slide.

What I don’t really get is the partition (no worries, it doesn’t need to be used)… my old cage had that too, but there it made sense, as there’s was two doors side by side on the long side, and one each on the ends. By using the partition there I had basically two fully functioning cage-rooms. With only one door on the long side here, it means that door gets the partition in the middle, if you want two equal rooms, and only one of them gets a fully functioning door opening. I know it suggests to use it to “adjust the size of the living area for your pet while it grows”, which doesn’t make any sense to me – if the pet is already in a cage – why make it smaller? Hmmmm. Nevermind, it’s not something that’ll ever be used, it just puzzled me. 🙂

Pic added with one of the JRs in it, so you can get an idea of the size of the L (the box says XL, but it’s the 36″ one). Got two JRs, and for car journeys it’s perfectly fine for the two of them.

Getting this size of cage into the backseat was challenging indeed. Had to take the sides down, so it could move a little, but it was still a lot of pushing and pulling. Got there in the end, but got no idea how it’ll ever come out. Hahahaha. A size smaller shouldn’t be a problem to get into most backseats.

As you can see from the pics, it was a big hit with the cats… and I have to say, one of these are brilliant to have at hand should the worst happen and your pet needs “cage rest”. Something one of our cats needed a few years ago after an accident. Luckily we then had the previous cage, and our poor kitty had to spend 4 weeks in there (and it did the trick!).

Was able to purchase with a discount, with the promise of an honest review, and I think it’s fab! Well impressed with how sturdy it is considering how light it is… and of course over the moon with the fact that the dogs can finally be controlled in the car again. 🙂


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