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★★★★★ External CD drive

Works a treat

VicTsing USB External DVD-R Combo CD-RW Drive Burner Writer For Notebook PC Desktop Computer Black (CD-RW)

Worked a treat on the missus (oldish) HP620, running Windows 7, which has been without a working CD drive for over 3 years.

Comes with two cables, incase there’s not enough juice to it with one. She only needed to use one for what she needs it for (mainly pictures and music files). Laptop recognised it straight away!

Little light on the front of the CD drive blinks when it’s in use.

If you’ve ever used a CD/DVD drive on any laptop/PC – then you already know the gist. 🙂 Apart from the fact that it gets plugged in via USB port(s) it’s exactly the same.

Was able to purchase with a discount, with the promise of an honest review. And not only do I have a missus who’s loves it (and no complaints about “why do people have to make everything so complicated?”), I love it even more, as it means the missus will now stay away from my laptop (which does have it’s CD drive working) – and stop “tidying” up my desktop!



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