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★★★★★ Handsfree bluetooth transmitter

Works great, very easy to set up

Oenbopo Adjustable Handsfree Car Kit Speaker Bluetooth Transmitter Car Charger Mp3 Player Stereo TF for iPhone SE 6s 6plus 5s Samsung S7 S6 S5 Note 5 4 3 and Tablet iPad Pro /Mini/Air Samsung Tablet

I’ve wanted one of these for a long time, and been a little worries they’ll be a little too complicated, so have been putting it off. But as Ive now even gotten a smartwatch (feeling like a tech genius here), it was time.

Turned out it was nothing to worry about. 🙂


As soon as it’s plugged into the lighter output on the car, it lit up. Next, I found it under “carkit” on my mobiles bluetooth and paired. The little round unit will show which radio frequency it’s at – all you got to do is set a station to the same. Changing the frequnecy on the unit is as easy as pressing the forward and backward buttons. As soon as you got a good clear one on the radio with no interference it’s just to set the unit to the same.


Worked straight away! When called, the unit will ring, and it’s just to press green (answer) or red (reject). Sound was loud and clear, working through the radio speakers in the car, and found it best to adjust the bluetooth sound (via the mobile), instead of the actual sound on the radio. And the person who called was able to hear me crystal clear.

What was really handy was that with the Windows phone I have, Cortana also kicked in if receiving a text. When receiving a text, Cortana will speak though the handsfree, asking if I want her to read it. If yes, she’ll then ask if I want to reply (via voice, she’ll type it and send it). Texting and driving fully legally without taking neither eyes off the road nor hands of the wheel. 🙂

The unit itself looks perfectly alright, I like the round shape, with the four buttons spaces about, and the cable is of generous lenght, so you can stick the unit just about anywhere where it’s conveniant for you to press red/green when driving (it’s got a sticky back backing).

Received as a sample to review – and it’s fab! I can’t believe I haven’t gotten one of these earlier… and I would have, if I knew how easy they were to use. 🙂


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