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★★★★★ Large Edison light bulb

Big bulb, beautiful light

ONEPRE Vintage Edison Light Bulb B22 Bayonet 40W Reproduction Filament Light Bulb

And it is big – a large bulb that looks ace!

I’ve gotten a little obsessed with these, since buying my first one a few weeks ago, and this one’s my fave. It’s not the prettiest one (but it is beautiful… love these bulbs, like little pieces of art when you take a close look), but the light is dimmer than my others… so it instantly became the fave. 🙂 Bulbs changed around, and it’s now the one that’s in the living room. Light is perfect for watching films/telly.

I was able to purchase this with discount for an hoest review… and I absolutely love it. 🙂 I love all the Edison bulbs, but due to the slightly dimmer light, this one’s the favourite.



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