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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★★ Motion sensor lamp

Pretty little light, with a nice glow

OKPOW Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Light Table Lamp Sensor Night Light Battery-Operated with 3 Modes for Baby Night Room Grandma Room Bathroom Kitchen Camping Tent and Other Little Nook Areas

Very cute little light. 🙂

And it is little (see pic next to a two pint of milk)… which also makes it handy to place just about anywhere. It gives of a warm light, not as warm as it looks in the product images, but still a warm light (as opposed to the dreadful nearly bluish motion sensor bars I got in the bathroom).

It lights up enough so you can do whatever is needed without stubbing a toe, etc. 🙂 Got this little one in a tiny hallway (that has no wired lights), and it’s perfectly fine for finding the jacket or shoes I want. And at the same time it won’t give you any shock with flood lighting if you’re stumbling out of bed all sleepy.

It’s incredibly light! No problem at all walking around with it, using it as a dim, but lovely flashlight. It’s pure plastic – but it doesn’t look like it. The lower part looks very smart indeed, and the top looks like frosted glass when lit. When not lit, it does however look like it’s made of what it is.

Takes 3 AAA batteries – and finally a motion sensor light that has an indicator to which setting it’s at (I got three other’s in various places, and all of them lack this).

Was able to purchase with a discount, with the promise of an honest review. And I’m really pleased with it, it’s small, but it looks ace, and it lights up just the right amount.



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