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★★★★★ USB charging lamp

Absolutely brilliant little light

Kacuco Dimmable Creative Golf Shape Desk Lamp / Table Lamp (Eye Protection Technology, 3 Dimming Levels) Bedroom Bedside Lamp Home Reading USB Charging Lamp

What a fantastic little lamp!

I’m sure it’s looks can be discussed until the cows come home, it’s like some bizarre mix between something from the original War of the Worlds and a golf club, but whether the looks are to your taste or not – it cannot take away from the fact that it’s a superb little lamp. 🙂

It’s not the biggest, but it really lights up. Depending on how you point the light (it can be bent any which way you want), it’ll light up a whole room.


It’s really stable, with a fairly heavy bottom, yet light enough to carry as a powerful flashlight.

There’s three light settings, one’s a daylight setting, one’s a soft warm glow, and one’s what I would consider an “ordinary lightbulb light”.

Had it for over a week and it’s been used every day. Got a love for Edison bulbs, and although they give a beauitful soft glow, they’re not ideal to do any paperwork with, so I just place this one next to me, where ever I’m doing reading or writing.

Only comes with a USB charger. I got it plugged into a USB mains charger, and when I move the lamp from it’s “home”, it runs on the batteries.

Received as a sample to review – and I absolutely love it. It’s a genius little thing, and so handy to have.


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