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★★★★ Chalk markers

Great for doodling

Chalk Marker Pen Wet Erase Liquid Chalk Pens-Pack of 6 Bright Bold Assorted Colors (5mm Chisel Nib) by FANCY-FIX

Bright neon colours! And if you haven’t tried chalk markers before, they’re very easy to use – just pump the nib a few times on a piece of card (or something similar that’s disposable), until it fills with colour… and they’re ready to use.

Handed them over to the missus, as she loves her chalk markers. She found the colours excellent – really bright, and giving a proper neon effect.

There was however a quite big issue with them (so much so they’re back in their pack, instead of loose in her big bag of chalk marker, to make sure she doesn’t use one of them by mistake) – they got a nice fairly big chiseled nibs, and the issue arise with the caps. The caps have a sharp circle inside, and unless you put the cap on perfectly, the nib will hit the sharp edge, and subesquently end up with a cut in the nib. This will of course affect how they work. You can see the damage to the blue in the pic.


Where they redeem themselves however is how great they were as “dry erase” on a non porous surface (tested on fridge, would be the same on white board). The pack says wet erase, but as the title says dry, missus gave it a try, and she was well impressed with how easy it was to just wipe it away when dry. No need for any moist sponge.

Received as a sample to review, and the missus verdict is that they’re perfectly ok to doodle with for fun, but if you intend to use them for something more permanent (like a decorative blackboard), then due to the easy damage on the nibs, these wouldn’t be her choice. She’s well impressed with their performance as “dry erase”.

If you are however intending to get chalk markers for making signs or professional use – then she recommends the Original Stationary ones instead.


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