Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Colouring pencils

Great for beginners, absolutely perfect for kids

Kacuco 48-color Color Pencils / Drawing Pencils as Smooth as Prismacolor for Sketch / Secret Garden Coloring Book ,not Easy to Break

Just about any shade or colour you’ll ever need!


Handed them over to the missus (my knowledge of pencils stops with the fact that they’re not pens), and she found it a great selection.

Her verdict was that they’re ideal for beginners of adult colouring, or even better – for kids as they truly are hard to break. 🙂 Thick middle, so not just hard to break, but also very long lasting.

Do a great job of shading, but she did however find them slightly too waxy to be able to blend or layer nicely by just using the pencils.


Received as sample to review, and missus is well impressed with the colour selection and quality of the pencils themselves, and thinks they’ll be ideal for beginners or kids, as just about any colour you’ll ever need is right here!


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