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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Gel pen set

Good variety, both of colours and effects

Set Of 48 Gel Pens- Designed For Adult Colouring: Intricate Detail Nib, Guaranteed Never To Bleed Or Pool. New Long-Lasting Ink Technology, 4 Bold Styles: Metallic, Glitter, Neon, WaterChalk

A whole bunch of different pens, in a very handy case. It flips open, so you can see all the different colours in a row.

The pens are arranged in 4 sets (12 of each), and all of them have a little piece of “bling” on the top.

Great variety of colours, although a few of them are very similar in shade.

Handed them over to the missus to try them out, and she was well pleased with their covering performance, how quickly they dried, the lack of bleed and how the pens felt when used on paper. A couple didn’t perform as smoothly as the majority, but as she said just a couple out of nearly 50 is brilliant for pens. 🙂

She especially loved the black flash pen – apperantly giving a nice shimmering covering, yet solid black at the same time.

Did receive this as a sample to review, and missus is very happy with her new pens. She says they’re excellent either as a start-out collection, or as an add on for those who already has loads, as there’s some really nice shades/effects, and they do a good job.



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