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★★★★ Programmable LED watch

Fun, programmable watch

LightInTheBox Men’s Watch Sports LED Programmable Display Silicone Strap

What a fun watch!

Gotta admit, I only ordered it to satisfy my curiousity… I figured for less than a fiver it was worth it. 🙂

Apart from the fact that the watch was DOA (which meant removing 8 of the tinest screws in the world, prying off the backing, as it’s lodged under the strap, then removing yet another screw to access the batteries – then replace the batteries, and then to get all the screws and backing back into place), and is a pain in the behind to set – I absolutely love it!

Apologies for the bad video quality… the LED screen on the watch shows the numbers/letters crystal clear, but sadly the camera wasn’t able to pick up on that.

Came wrapped in loads of bubble wrap, with a tiny little instruction slip. Whether my watch was a return (as there wasn’t any protection film on the screen, something there generally is on things nowadays), or had just been sat in a warehouse for yonks, since the batteries were dead, I don’t know… but as I had the batteries needed at hand, it wasn’t too much of an issue (only a hassle).


When I could finally turn the watch on – the blooming thing showed the word “COOL” after the time! Not cool (see what I did there?). Not a problem I thought… probably because I hadn’t set the time yet… set the time – and it still scrolled with “COOL” behind the time. And behind the date.

Upon closer inspection – it can be programmed! To say just about anything you want it to. On the video (last part, taken in the dark) I’ve added just a few arrows and a symbol, just to show what it looks like (removed again afterwards… I prefer it with just the time/date). There’s about 9 or 10 characters you can add, this includes spaces, letters, numbers and various symbols.

The display is superb. The screen itself is mirror finish, and will reflect whatever in the light, and look black in the dark. The LED display is super bright, and incredibly clear.

It can also be turned, to show just like it does in the product image here.

And incase anyone else is interested, the instructions does say what to do, both to set the time/date and which message you want scrolling… it just doesn’t explain which button is A, and which one is B, and claim you can set the message from the time (it’s the date)… so here’s a simple and short instruction…

A is the “big button”. B is the “small button” (you’ll need a pen or something similar to press it).

To set time and date: Press A, then press B. Press A to chose 12hr or 24hr, and press B when you’re happy. Press A to chose the correct time (keep pressing it until you get the right number, press B when correct. Date will come on right after you’ve set the time, it’s month first, then day. Set in the same way as the time. When done, don’t press anything, it will save automatically when you don’t touch anything for a few seconds.

To set the scrolling message to be displayed: Press A, then press A again. When date shows, press B. This will give you the option of setting the message… it’s boring and longwinded, as you will have to click through all the letters of the alphabet, numbers, space and symbols to chose. Click A to go through the options, until you get the option you want, then press B. It will move along to the next letter, and it’s just to keep repeating the process. When done, don’t press anything, it’ll save automatically again.

If you want the time/date/message to show as in the main product image, hold button A for a few seconds, this will flip the letters/numbers that way. Same goes for flipping it back.


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