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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Slimline wireless optical mouse

Great little mouse, excellent value for money

Ultra Thin 2.4G 800/1600 DPI Wireless USB Wheel Optical Mouse PC

Worked straight away, as soon as the little USB receiver was stuck in the missus’ laptop (Windows 7)!

It’s surprisingly comfortable to use, thought it might feel a little “odd”, but it’s perfectly fine.

Needs two AAA batteries, and the little USB receiver is located underneath the mouse.

Only issue is the little on/off button underneath it. I’m sure it’s handy for those that take their mouse with them. But as it’s such a great little mouse, and works on just about any surface (tried it on the sofa, the carpet and tables), occasionally the tiny little button will snag on uneven surfaces. No issue at all for those who use it on tables or use a mousemat, but as the missus often lay on the floor with her laptop she finds it a little annoying… one of these days I’ll probably find this one connected to my laptop, and mine (a mouse without a on/off button underneath) connected to hers. 🙂



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