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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Vegetable spiraliser

Good for soft vegetables

Kitchen Basics™ Ultra-Durable Tri-Blade Vegetable Turning Spiral Slicer / Spiralizer for Zucchini, Potatoes, Squash, Carrots, Cucumbers, etc. / Design vegetable stir-fries or pasta dishes / Decorate serving dishes / Veggie Slicer Cutter to Make Healthy Zucchini Noodles Spaghetti Pasta Dishes; Substitute Noodles and Spaghetti Pasta Recipes with Gluten Free & Low Carb Easy Vegetable Noodles Meals Ideas

Well, I got it as the missus keeps contstantly buying “spaghetti carrots” at the supermarkets, and as they’re a quid a pot, and a large bag of carrot is only half that, I figured we’d save a fortune… 🙂

Only to find that it couldn’t deal with hard vegetables like carrots! Oh it was tried, but all that happened was tiny little carrot flakes coming through, a lot of carrot juice all over the place, and the machine getting a slight orange tint (which wouldn’t wash away) in a few places.

Nevermind… other veggies then got tried, and in pics is the results.

I’ve seen some reviews mention that you can make “chips” with this. You can’t. None of the three blades supplied with make anything like chips. Even the blade labeled “chipper” doesn’t make chips. What is makes is thin, slightly flat, strands of potato. Nowhere near even the skinniest of French Fries.


That said, one of the fave subs here in the household is one filled with roast beef and shredded potato that’s been chucked in the fryer, on top – delicious. So for that this machine would be helpful.

Potatos, cucumber and onion was no problem for the machine at all. The “shredder” option was nice for onion, if you like yours thinly sliced. No onion smell on the fingers, and less teary eyes. 🙂


Apart from the fact that it wasn’t able to deal with something as solid as a carrot, it also makes a mess if there’s a lot of liquid in your chosen veggie. It’ll drip down from the machine, onto the counter. There’s also quite a bit of waste, for those that has issues with that. A core of your chosen veg won’t be sliced/shredded, and there will be about a cm left of your vegs that’s being held in place in the machine.


The machine is VERY light, but does come with suction cups on the feet (there was also 2 extra of those in the box mine came in). It’s easy to clean – but do be careful! Those blades are VERY sharp (and yes – there was blood). Shouldn’t be too much of an issue for those with a dishwasher, just give the blades a rinse and put them in there… but if you’re washing up by hand you’ll have to be extra vigilant.

Received as a sample to review… and although it can’t be used for what it was intended for (spaghetti carrots), it has it’s uses. It won’t be something that’ll be out on the counter and used everyday… but it’ll be good to use instead of the hand shredder we got (saves those knuckles from getting scratched)… so I guess it’ll pop back out on the counter for that. 🙂


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