Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Voice recorder

Good sound, small size, and very easy to use

HccToo 8GB Multifunctional Digital Voice Recorder Rechargeable Dictaphone Stereo Voice Recorder with MP3 Player Perfect for Recording Interviews, Conversation and Meetings

So easy to use! Basically just to turn it on, and press record. 🙂 To stop recording – just press “stop”. Red comes on when recording, so not mistaking when it’s in use or not. Exactly the way I like my gadgets!

Comes with a myriad of different bits and pieces in the box, including a smart little clip on mic, earphones and also some sort of phone attachment for recording phone conversations (not having had a landline for a long time, this wasn’t something I tried out).

The sound is really good. Much better than what I expected from something so tiny. 🙂 And it is small – no problem sticking into any pocket. It’s also very light.

The back explains what all the buttons are for, but if you like me, only intend to use it for recording sound, you don’t really need to use much more of them than adjusting the volume and the “rec” and “stop” button.

When connected to the laptop (via the supplied usb cable), it charges straight away, and you can also access your recorded files. Shows up on mine as “USB-DISK”, with one folder containing all your recordings.

The recordings are playable in Windows media player, so it’s just to double click to play.


The downside (to me) it how “platic-y” it feels. It feels more like you got a slightly larger Kinder Egg toy in your hand, than a recorder. Which is a shame, as it not only does a great job of recording, it truly is so handy to use. Probably not an issue to most, and it’s not something that’s gonna stop me from using it, but I would have liked it to feel a little more substantial.

Was able to purchase with a discount, with the promise of an honest review, and I truly am impressed both with the ease of use, and the sound, I just wish it was a little less toy-like.


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