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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★ Brown “US dollar” wallet

Surprisingly useful, but got it’s downsides

Men Pockets Card US Dollar Bill Money Wallet Foldable PU Dollar Wallet Dark Brown

Firstly, I’ll just come right out and say it – I hate it. 🙂

And please keep in mind there’s several different sellers of this wallet… so there might be a few variations, if they’re made in different facotories. My wallet might be as good as it gets, but it might also be the worst one of them all.


It was advertised as “dark brown” (yes, I could see the product image isn’t showing a dark brown wallet, but my pics too is showing variations of colours, although all pics were taken with the same camera, same light conditions, and without any adjustment to them on the laptop), and it’s some sort of orangey/bronze/brown colour.

And it’s got what I personally think is a “cheap sheen”. 🙂

The stitching in terrible in places, and decent enough in other places.

The lining is some horrid plastic like material… the sort of thing cat-tunnels are made out of. Makes the same awful crinkle sound too.

The good stuff is that the print/embossing on it is very good, and when you take a close look, the texture of the wallet itself is perfectly fine.

And it’s surprisingly useful – this wallet has just about anything you’ll need! There’s:
– 3 picture ID slots: The window on one is full size (great for drivings license), one has a slightly smaller irregular window, and one’s got a smaller window
– 2 open compartments for notes
– 1 zipped compartment for notes (inside one of the other note compartments
– 3 of the usual card slots
– 1 extra slot behind the card section
– 1 slot for simcard/memory card (which is why one of the windows for ID card is irregular)

I just wanted a cheap (as it will hardly be used) dark brown wallet, for those few occasions I wear brown shoes and brown belts (it’s generally black, and I’m very happy with my black wallet, which cost just over double the price of this one). But personally I cannot stand neither the colour nor the shine of this one – others might not mind that at all. The shine might disappear if I used it, but as this one were to be used only occasionally, it’s now been downgraded to “never use”. 🙂


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