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★★★ “Chalkboard” calendar sticker

Looks great, but backing way too sticky

FANCY-FIX Monthly Planner Memo Chalkboard Sticker Wall Calendar 45 X 60cm

This blackboard sticker is a little like a spaghetti western – here we got The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. 🙂

The Good:
It looks really nice. The vinyl looks great, even though it’s got damage from stretching, and so does the pre-printed lines and writing on it. Missus used a variety of her chalkmarkers (she’s got tons) to write on it, and when dry, didn’t have a problem wiping any of them off with a wet sponge.

The Bad:
I’ve been informed it was a giant pain in the behind to put up. Missus did it by herself, and she was not best pleased. Loads of air bubbles, backing too sticky, and the vinyl stretched. She’s not a stranger to vinyl stickers, and last one she put up by herself (a giant 120cm x 85cm) she even moved it by herself, after having put it up… and no complaints on that one apart from kicking herself for not realising the slight imperfection on the wall would have been less visible underneath darker parts of the vinyl (and hence the reason for moving it).

The Ugly:
Backing is WAY too sticky. Not just talking a little bit here. It ripped off big parts of oil based gloss paint. Missus said that to be honest, as she was putting it up, and it was such a hassle with the bubbles and stretching, she would have binned it at that point, if it wasn’t for the fact that it had already removed layers of paint, as she wasn’t in any mood to start repainting the door. Generally vinyl stickers will pick up paint pigments (you’ll see it like a scatter of tiny little paint dot on the back, which is completely normal), but big layers of paint (and especially gloss paint!) is something that shouldn’t happen. Bottom small pic shows the paint it ripped off the door.


However, that said – it is a handy little thing, and looks much better than most wall calendars.

Received as a sample to review, and this one really is a little bit of a mixed bag. It does look great… but we’re not looking forward to having to repaint the door when it’ll one day be removed.


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