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★★★★★ 10m LED light strip

* * * Warning – flashing images in the video * * *

XTCLB Ultra Bright Flexible Waterproof SMD 5050 RGB LED Strip light 10M / 300 LEDs+ 44 Key IR Remote Set + 5A UK Power Supply Ideal for Car Styling,Bars, Restaurants,Gardens,Homes Office,Aircraft Cabin, DIY Party Decoration Ribborn, Christmas Party, Chrismas Tree, Festivals, Birthday, ect.

This is so cool! I can’t believe I’ve never got one before, but I was always a little worried they’d be difficult installing.

No need to worry – this is just about as easy as it can get. Just connect the strip(s) to the connector that also goes to the plug – and it works! (If it doesn’t, try disconnecting the strips, and turn the connectors on the strip around, did that mistake a few times when not paying attention)

Everything you need is in the box – the led strip, the wall plug, the connector (which connects the strips to the wall plug), and the remote control. There’s tons of options on the remote, from a single colour, to fading and flashing colours that are interchanging.


After seeing someone’s review on Amazon with pics of the led lights under the bed (thank you!) – that was the choice. Apart from chasing cats that tried running off with the strips, the whole thing was done in less than 15 minutes. The led strips have a “sticky” backing, using the word lightly, as they weren’t the most sticky things in the world, but just reinforced the stickiness with some cellotape here and there. 🙂

The 10m was of course too much for the bed, so one of the led strips was cut. There’s marks on the strips (a full line) where they can be safely cut. Just used normal scissors for the task, and after the snip the led strip still worked perfectly (absolutely genius).

The bed has now been renamed “the pimp bed”. Hahahaha. But when you’re in bed, the light it’s casting in the room is lovely (we only use the light blue colour setting), and being downwards, it doesn’t interfere with watching telly in bed. As a bonus – even though the lights are pointed downwards under the bed – the glow in the dark stars we got in the ceiling gets charged immensely! Never seen them this glowing before, and that’s without the light directly hitting them at all.

Was able to purchase with a discount with the promise of an honest review – and I love it! Absolutely love it. Just kicking myself for not realising how easy they were to install… if I’d known I would have gotten some yonks ago.


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