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★★★★★ Blond and pink wig

Excellent economy wig

Beautiful Long Wavy Harajuku Style Cosplay Wig Brown And Pink 70CM

Well – what arrived is NOT the same wig as the one in the product images – it is indeed a much nicer wig. 🙂  (This has been rectified since the review was written.  The images in the product description now matches the actual wig)

It would have been four stars due to the “misleading” product image (and the fact that the heading says “brown and pink”), but as the wig is so much better and nicer looking than expected, it pushed it right back up to five stars.

It’s a dark blond and pink wig. The dark blonde part of it is, for an economy wig, exceptional. My missus has a thing for wigs (lets just say she’s got more wigs than she’s got handbags!), and this is the best I’ve seen on a synthetic wig in this price class. The blond part of it looks extremely natural, and there’s none of the synthetic shine that sometimes comes with wigs which has a small price tag.


The pink is exactly as expected, with only one shade. Feels soft, just like the blond part of it.

The wig has a much shorter and angular fringe than the product image has. Missus loves it, as the majority of her economy wigs has a longer fringe (like the product image has), which needs to be swept to the side.


The wig is light, and not too much “hair”. This is apparently a major bonus, as it makes it look more natural. I have been informed however that this means that people with dark hair would benefit from using a light colour wig-cap, to make sure their hair colour doesn’t shine through as they, and the hair on the wig, move about.

Pic shows the length of it on the missus who’s 5’7. Pictures taken before she washed it..

I was able to purchase it with a discount, with the promise of an honest review… and I personally think it’s a very pretty wig… and the missus is completely over the moon with it! It instantly became a fave, due to the natural look of the blond (same as her natural hair colour), and being so affordable it’s not something she has to worry about ruining.


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