Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★★ Casual top/dress

Nice and comfy

Envy Boutique Women’s Made In Italy Italian Summer Twinset Top Long Sleeve Dress – UK 12

Big hit with the the missus!


It comes as two fully seperate parts, a lightweight (and really soft) jumper, and the “dress”. The big buttons just below the shoulder is just tied on, so you have the option to remove them, or swap them if you got some other’s about (in case you want a diffeent colour). Missus loves the jumper being seperate, as she can then use any sort of top or shirt underneath.

The “dress” (I am using that word loosely… missus is 5’7, and it just barely covers her bum. If you’re any taller it’ll be a top), is loose and soft, small knit, but stretchy. Great with leggings, but far from something the missus would use without leggings (then again, she would have 20 years ago!).

On the side there’s pockets, with a little ribbon of the dress material on.


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