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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★★ Checked shirt

Versatile casual shirt

TaiPove Women’s Plaid Boyfriend Top Blouse Long Sleeve T Shirt

Missus is well pleased with the shirt!

Not certain what sort of fabric it is (product description says “cotton fibre”, lower down the description says “polyester knit”), but suspect some sort of linen mix. Neither the tag on the shirt, nor the attached paper tag mentioned it. Strangely the tag in the shirt (30 degrees) and the paper tag (40 degrees) have different washing instructions. 🙂


Here however it was thrown in on 60 degree wash (everything is… if it makes it – great! If not, then it’s nothing we have to worry about in the future), and it came out great. No shrinkage, or loss of colour, and it was less wrinkly than expected.


Missus is a 10-12, and the M size fit her nicely. If you got a large chest though, I think it would be better to go a size up.

The stitching is good, and the fabric feels alright (well, it feels like some sort of linen mix).

Received as a sample to review, and missus is very pleased with her shirt. Being a shirt, it can basically be used in different way, depending on what else you wear, so suitable for most casual outfits (she reluctantly agreed to take pictures… mumbling something about “muffintops on show”).


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