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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★★ Kitchen scales

Excellent little scales – and so handy (can be hung)

Spotkurv Stainless Steel Hanging Digital Kitchen Scales, Weighing Scale & Food Scale 5kg | 13 mm Super Slim | With Fingerprint Resistant Finish

So much nicer than the product images (and my pics!) in real life!

Very good looking scales – very slimline, and nice stainless steel apperance.

And it’s got a cut-out, so you can hang it on the wall! No more rummaging in the back of the cupboard in search of the kitchen scales (generally rummaging through quite a few of them, only to find when the scales have finally emerged that they’re out of batteries… sound familiar?).


Does both metric and imperial (button to swap between those are on the bottom), and you can also change them mode to liquid (mode button).

Got the all important tare mode (zero button), so you can put your containers/bowls on top and setting the scales to zero before adding whatever it is you want to weigh.

Received as a sample to review – and cannot fault it. In fact – I love it so much it was put on the wall straight away after having taken pics. No more searching in the back of cupboards – it’s hanging right next to the kitchen counter.


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