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★★★★★ Mannequin head

Good size, and looks alright

SODIAL(R) Female Styrofoam Foam Mannequin Manikin Head Model Wigs Glasses Display Stand Black

Got it as part of a birthday pressie for the missus, as I figured it would be something she’d like (and yes – she loved it! She’s got quite a few wigs, and hates holding them whilst trying to brush them).


It’s a little smaller than an actual adult human head (just a little), but still does a good job of holding wigs in place.

It’s VERY light… as light as… eh… styrofoam. Hahaha. So unless you fasten it in some sort of way, chances are you’ll just keep knocking it over with the lightest of touch.

There’s a hole on the bottom, which would be good both for securing it onto something (missus is using a large metal umbrella holder), and also to insert a rod of some sort to give it some strenght to the neck area, as I suspect that one will be fairly breakable, with being slim and made of styrofoam.

There WILL be black dust coming off it. Chances are this is something that’ll only happen in the beginning, but you might want to give it a little rub with a dry cloth before placing it somewhere where the dust can get stuck.

As I’ve order the missus a new pink and blond wig, this will also come in handy for me, when doing reviews.


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